At Stainless Polished Supply we specialize in metal polishing services for various steel manufacturing industries. Our main polishing applications are abrasive polishing and buffing, however subsequent cutouts and grain direction processes can be applied. Stainless steel is our most commonly used substrate however we are capable of polishing aluminum, copper, Inconel, titanium, and clad metals, and can be contacted for custom metal polishing projects.

We utilize advanced equipment including plate finishers, reciprocating plate and bar machines, OD pipe polisher, buff machine, tank head and specialized hand polishers. Our finish grades vary from grinding (#3) to mirror (#8) with grit designations from 50-320 for an extra fine finish. This allows us to produce surface finish ranges from 1 µm to 150 µm. Our commitment to quality is supported by the provision of inspection reports that include inspection testing on thickness, flatness, surface rating and finish reading

Specialist Polishers ofStainless Steel